How much do you want to know about the company you’re interviewing with?

  • You will want to know A LOT about the company you may be working for
    • Ask your recruiter or conduct your own research
  • Study the company website
  • Study the job description
  • Research the company online for pertinent company information, news articles, etc.


Directions to your interview

  • Plan your itinerary, distance, and time of arrival
    • Look for alternate routes in case of construction, traffic, or accidents
  • Take enough money and a credit card to cover your travel for food, rental car, lodging, etc.
  • Take your laptop and cell phone, if needed


Dress code

  • Decide what you are going to wear
    • Does your suit or dress need to be dry-cleaned?
  • Hair
    • Do you need a haircut or styling?
  • Make up
    • Don’t over do your make up
  • Body Odor
    • Be sure to shower and groom yourself appropriately
  • Perfume
    • We suggest eliminating perfume all together as some people have an allergic reaction
  • Pet hair
    • Make sure your clothes are free from pet hair
    • Perhaps keep a small lint roller in your vehicle to remove any stray hairs found before the interview
  • Bad Breath
    • Brush your teeth before leaving for your interview
    • You could use a breath mint or chew gum while driving to your interview, but be sure to get rid of it before your interview
  • Cigarette Smoke on your clothes and hands can be a turn off


When to arrive

  • Be on time – not too early (5-10 minutes)


Parking lot and lobby behavior: Do’s and Don’ts

  • You can be seen from the moment you step out of your car
  • You can be overheard talking on your cell phone in the public bathroom
  • You can be seen smoking a cigarette in the parking lot


Do’s and Don’ts of a successful interview

  • Keep your answers brief and to the point
  • Do not elaborate unnecessarily
  • Listen Carefully to what is being said
  • Don’t talk over the interviewer or interrupt
  • Don’t bad mouth your previous employer or co-workers
  • Refrain from Sharing too much personal information
  • Do not make excuse for your mistakes
  • Take responsibility and share how you learned from the challenging experience.


What to take with you to the interview

  • Clean resume that matches the one you sent to the employer
  • Portfolio or examples of your work that is pertinent to the position
  • References (Again, make sure they are up to date with correct information)