Learn about Etech Hi, Inc.

We are a staffing organization with an ability to serve a diverse range of clients. Because our founders have a corporate executive background, we understand the demanding needs of Human Resources professionals. This accounts for our core corporate values – that is, a fanatic devotion to service. And thanks to our founders’ expertise in technology, we have developed an extraordinary technological infrastructure – one that enables us to combine database resources with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.


Our Foundational Commitment

Etech Hi respects the value of our clients’ time. We understand that human resources managers are extremely busy, and that their duties extend far beyond recruiting. Everything we do focuses on streamlining the hiring process by acting as an informed liaison between companies and candidates.

We insist on customer satisfaction. We believe in establishing strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We know that the way to do this is to listen. This is the key to effective communication. This is how we ensure that our clients’ employment objectives are achieved.

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The Company

Etech Hi was founded in 2000 to provide dedicated recruiting and placement services with an emphasis on permanent advanced employment. Our early roots were in placing full-time technology professionals. However, we soon found that our expertise was equally applicable to a broad array of disciplines. We grew quickly and steadily, but always with an exclusive focus on permanent placements.

We are unique in that we provide a limited number of candidates. We believe that this makes the hiring process more efficient. Every candidate we present to our clients has been carefully screened and selected to exactly match specified needs. This is consistent with our core values. We believe in saving your time and energy during the hiring process.


Our Staff

Our recruiters are not salespeople. Our staff is composed of Human Resource specialists and staffing specialists from a number of specific industries. This mix gives us a background that is both broad and specific, allowing us to ably serve a wide range of industries.

For business and corporate clients, our dedicated recruiters provide customized solutions for finding talent that precisely suits their needs. Etech Hi recruiters work one-on-one with clients to quickly and efficiently locate and refer the most qualified possible candidates. We listen to you. We identify your specific requests and concerns, and only present candidates who fit your profile. We work for you as if we were on retainer. But our arrangement is always one of contingency – you pay us only when you hire the qualified candidates you are looking for.

Job seekers will find that our team of talented and energetic recruiters takes pride in making a career search less agonizing – and much more profitable. View our active positions here.



You are probably much like us: a growing business that places strong value on personal relationships with your clients. You are highly principled. You value customer service. You know the benefit of establishing long-term relationships. And you are extremely busy. You might be a small business; you might be a large corporation. Our approach is the same:

  • We listen to and understand your objectives, needs, and business requirements.
  • We provide recruiters who have sophisticated technological resources at their disposal to assist in a dedicated search on your behalf.
  • We fill your positions with qualified candidates.

Take a look at the various industries we serve here.


The “Tech” in Etech Hi

The founders of Etech Hi have a deep corporate background in electronic technology, and our origins as a placement/recruiting service were in engineering and Internet technology. Our name reflects that heritage. As we grew, we expanded into numerous other disciplines.

The founders of Etech Hi applied their engineering savvy to develop proprietary technologies that remain among our differentiating factors. We maintain a powerful internal electronic database that is constantly refreshed, and we have direct access to numerous other specialized sources and up-to-the-minute databases. This gives us a tremendous edge in locating potential candidates across a range of disciplines.

This, of course, is only a starting point in our placement process, which also embraces direct recruiting referrals and human-to-human goodwill.