FAQ’s from Clients

Question: How long does it take to receive a resumes?

Answer: Approximately 5 to 10 business days after signing a contract. After an initial consultation, the assigned recruiter will search for qualified candidates while remaining available to you throughout the process.

Question: What sources do you utilize to find candidates?

Answer: In addition to a large referral network, we maintain a powerful internal electronic database that is constantly refreshed. We also have direct access to numerous databases, associations, membership clubs, job boards, and other specialized sources. This gives us a tremendous edge in locating potential candidates across a broad range of disciplines.

Question: What are the fees?

Answer: Our fees are in direct relation to the type of position, it’s location/geography, and base salary of the position available.

Question: What if I do not hire your candidate?

Answer: There is no charge for candidates who are not selected. We do appreciate any feedback for a candidate that doesn’t work out so we can better tailor our search efforts. 

Question: What if your candidate does not work out?

Answer: We guarantee satisfaction. If a candidate does not suit your needs or expectations, we will replace the individual within our agreed guarantee period, at no additional charge.

Question: What is your rate of success?

Answer: Very high, because we listen carefully to your needs and parameters, and send you only candidates we have screened in advance.

Question: How many candidates will you provide?

Answer: You may be surprised how few resumes we send you. We will not overload you with unqualified or uninterested candidates. Every candidate we send you is screened to fit your requirements and qualifications.

FAQ’s from Candidates

Question: Is there a charge to me?

Answer: No. There is no charge to candidates who either submit their resume or candidates who are contacted by our recruiters.

Question: Where are the jobs located?

Answer: Etech Hi, Inc. makes placements nationwide.

Question: If I submit my resume will someone contact me right away?

Answer: Recruiters will contact you when we determine that you meet the requirements for an open position.

Question: Who has access to my resume?

Answer: Once you submit your resume to us, only our recruiters have access to it. We notify you before sending your resume to clients. This is consistent to our commitment to employer clients to present only qualified, interested candidates.