The following is a structured plan to create a targeted resume in an appropriate format that would make the Hiring manager pick up the phone and call you


What is a “targeted resume”?

  • A resume that is written for a specific job position
  • Each targeted resume will be rewritten or edited for each position that is applied for


What to include on your resume

  • Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email Address – Be Consistent
  • Education/ Certifications/ Licenses that pertain to the position
  • Company name, city state, dates of employment, job titles
    • Give a brief description of what your previous workplaces do/ did (one line)
  • Be prepared to explain gaps in your dates of employment


What to bold and highlight in your resume

  • Read the requirements and create a relevant targeted resume
    • Search for keywords that appear often in job description and include them in your resume
  • Highlight and bold, if necessary


Your accomplishments and how to relay them

  • Bullet your accomplishments
  • Make sure you provide only accurate and truthful information


What not to include

  • DO NOT include your photo, personal statistics regarding marital status, date of birth, religious affiliation. (You do not want to provide any information that may contribute to discrimination.