How to create a cover letter

  • Don’t use a generic cover letter!
    • Your cover letter should pertain to each individual position you are applying for


How to differentiate yourself before applying for a position

  • If possible, address the letter to the person who is accepting the resumes
  • Read the job description and requirements carefully and then create a custom letter that includes some of the key requirements for the job


The length of the cover letter

  • Make sure you have your name, e-mail address, and telephone number at the top of your letter
  • Be brief and to the point


Working with the independent staffing company vs. direct employers

  • There may be an advantage to working directly with a recruiter who has established relationships with companies
  • The recruiter will present your resume to the company with pertinent information regarding your background, compensation, and reason for looking
  • The recruiter will provide feedback after the interview
  • The recruiter will negotiate your compensation package


Does it matter who has access to your résumé?

  • Your objective is to find a job
    • If you are unemployed and seeking a job, it should not matter who has access to your resume
  • If you are currently working and you do not want your employer to know that you are looking, you can post a BLIND RESUME on the job board